Yailyu village

"All the inhabitants and visitors of Yailyu village: a bear with cubs wander around the gardens. It is prohibited to leave the village unattended".
This is an announcement that is quite usual for the village. Yailyu might be the source of the most famous stereotypes about Siberia – bears on the streets and biting cold. The former is avid – the bears walk around in families and flocks. Low seasons (in terms of pine nuts) bring a lot of bears to fruit gardens. After enjoying the meal, they would casually walk into people's gardens. During such days people try to stay at home and never lock the garden gates – so that the bears won't break the fence.

Although the second myth about Siberia is completely busted in Yailyu. Its name is translated as 'summer place' from the Altai language. Due to warm winds 132 days a year and the location at the lake, this village is the warmest in Altai. It results in giant plants and rich harvests. There you will find plums, grapes, cherries, pears, apples – more than a hundred species of fruits.


Petr Dikarev

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February 15, 2021
Tiny Yailyu is inhabited only by 200 people, and is located on the right coast of Teletskoye lake; the climate there is nice not only location-wise but social-wise too. Everyone is busy – stations (meteorological, hydrological and electric power) are fully completed, also most people work at biosphere reserve, since Yailyu is the only inhabited location in it. Every visitor must sign in and pay an entrance fee. The fact that it's a natural reserve here makes the population of bears grow – you can't hunt in the reserve. We are their guests, not them – any local would say.
Telengits (teletskoye lake people) was first mentioned by Cossacks exploring the lake in 1642 by the river Okporok. They set up a small fortress there to signal the presence of Russia there. But the official date of the village establishment is 1812.

The electro station in the village is the first sun battery station in Russia of 100 kilowatts. Yailyu lives completely off eco-power since 2013. There you will find few grocery shops, a post office, an emergency room and a school. By car the only way of several hours is from Turochak over the gravel roads so one of the most used is sailing 25 kilometers over Teletskoye lake from Artybash.

Hiking 2 kilometers from the village up the Torot chain you will find a panoramic view on the lake. Over Torot and Abakan chain there is a 65-kilometer way to the hydrogen sulphate thermals in Khakassiya.

In summer there are two major celebrations – Savior of the Apple feast (orthodox holiday) with outdoor activities and meals; and Marine Army day – the day when the lake welcomes war ships.

If you are heading to Yailyu; mind yourself – you can't start fire and camp in the village and the forest.

The world is your oyster!

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