Teletskoye Lake waterfalls

Nurturing the Altyn-Kol.
Which ones are worth seeing? And where to find them?
What waterfalls feed the Golden Lake or Altyn-kol — Teletskoye Lake, as we used to call it? The steep banks contribute to the fact that most of the small rivers that feed Lake Teletskoye have waterfalls. Many of them are small in width, but long and often cascading. From mid-May to mid-June-on high water-it's time to admire the bizarre interweaving of jets and the power of flying streams. And in winter, this beauty, shackled by frost, appears in an even more refined form — turning into icefalls like crystal castles. Remember the main ones that are worth seeing.


Petr Dikarev


Irina Pantyukhina

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June 26, 2020
Korbu waterfall
"The most beautiful place of Korbinskoye coast will appeal to you if you stop the boat by the influx Big Korbu and walk 100 meters deep into the woods following a shady path. You will be surprised by the noise trembling the mountains. Once you see it, you will be sprayed by cool water right from the bushes and then – you will see it. A narrow canyon with a vertical cliff that is washed by mass of thick white water with black rocks peeking through. The waterfall is all thick water streams and only at the surface of the small lake where the flow hits the rocks it whirlpools with foam. If you climb closer to the waterfall you barely would hear other people and your clothes will get wet quickly. That's what Big Korbu is." It is an extract from traveling note of the scientist-hydrochemist Oleg Alekin made in 1929.

Cliff coasts are the reason of many waterfalls bringing water to the lake. Some lakes are narrow but long and cascade-shaped. From the middle of May to the middle of June over the flooded summer water is the best time to see the lace of creeks and enjoy the energy of water mass. In winter it freezes, representing even more amazing picture – crystal icefalls. Take a note on those worth seeing:

The biggest is Korbu – 12.5m high. It is located in Altai Natural Reserve hundred meters away from the Korbu river influx in the Teletskoye Lake. The only way to see it is by boat starting in the Artybash village. It is considered natural monument since 1978.

Shaltan waterfall
A smaller one is 8-meter-high Shaltan that becomes 20 meter with its cascades. It is also a part of the reserve, but deeper in the woods – 12km away from Kamga river at Bolshoy Shaltan river influx. Its surroundings are a place of pasturing for maral deer, also it is the biggest bear habitats. You can get there by the boat and then walk up. Remember that Kamga bay is a protected quiet zone and can only be visited with reserve administration permit.
Kishte waterfall
Kishte river is 11 km long and makes only 0.2% of Teletskoye water resources. The waterfall by its estuary is the third and can also be heard from afar. The water falls free 8 meters and then for 20 more meters it washes vertical rocks. The name of it means 'where sables live'. The right coast of Teletskoye is protected by the reserve so you will need a permit here too.
Cho-odor waterfall
On the left coast at Korbu estuary there is one more 8 meter fall – Cho-odor meaning 'of bird-cherry'. It is located in 5-7 meter walk from the estuary along the bank. There's a fork at the path – if you go down it will lead you to the waterfall. If you go up you will find Baktylagach cliff and a viewpoint to see over the whole lake. In ancient times before sailing Altaians checked the weather there and the probability of a storm. That's where the name comes from – it means 'glimpse'. In the bay below the cliff the boats ashore – Iogach and Artybash lakes are 40 minutes away. The way goes above the deepest hollow of 325 meters.
Ayu-Kechpes and Forty sins
At the very south of the lake there are two rivers with waterfalls that have the same name – Ayu-Kechpes, meaning 'a bear won't pass'. One river has a vertical cliff and cascades that make an impossible obstacle. The other river waterfall has a legend that if you swim in it you will wash off 40 sins. What you will 100% get – is breathtaking views of over 140 waterfalls around the lake.

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