Geyser lake

In Mountain Altai not only you will find mysterious nature but also surprising names. For example let's take a little lake near Aktash in Ulagan region, hidden just a few meters from Chuysky highway. There are a mystery and a secret in it.

First of all, it is unique for the whole republic. It is 30 meters wide, with a little creek and the water so clear that the deepest parts of 2 meters look like it is just knee deep. Its mirror surface has a deep hue of blue and turquoise with constantly moving white circle patterns so that it looks like a malachite stone turned alive. The lake's age and its origin is a mystery for the scientists.

Petr Dikarev

Photo by:
Philip Vasiliev
Natalia Atamanova

Publication date:
February 15, 2021
Similar lakes can only be found in Yellowstone national park in the USA – their origin is connected to volcanic activity. But on the Kurai mountain chain and its surrounding you will never find volcanoes anymore.
Second, the lake was called Geyser mostly because of the patterns on the water that remind boiling water. The secret of the lake is that its name is incorrect – there is no geyser there. Geysers are hot steams and gases hitting the ground in places where magma is close to the surface or there is a volcano nearby. Here the sight of the lake is explained by freezing underground water streams, one big and four small. As a result of the stream flow a mix of fine sand and blue mud raises up, leaving white circles. The streams keep the lake freezing cold even on a hot day in July, as well as they are the reason the lake is never covered with ice. The water is really clear so that graylings are bred there.
Long ago the geyser lake was hidden from tourists by bogs and thick forest, but when a forest cut for electric line was made, it became easier to access the lake. It is located right under the cables, though. Unfortunately it is not the only evidence of electrification of the place – you might see wooden trunks in the water and around. Don't forget a walking pole for the hike – it will help to keep balance and keep your shoes dry after a walk through the bogs. If you enjoy taking professional photos, bring a polarizer – so that you can take photos of all the reflections and lights. If you take a tour around the bogs, you might also find little turquoise lakes, though with no white circles.
The further you get away from the civilized cities to Mongolian steppes, the more severe nature becomes. There are tons of unexplored treasures and mysteries Altai hides. Who knows, maybe one day one will discover Shambhala. And could it be you?
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